OS-504RD - Morrow Wave Analog Oscilloscopes

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Technical Specifications



Extra Specifications

Product Description

  • 6 inch large size, high luminance CRT with internal graticule, 8 X 10 div
  • Wide dynamic range even at high frequencies of -3dB
  • Fast rise time with low overshoot
  • Flat frequency response up to half of -3dB frequency
  • Signal delay with delay line useful for observation of signal leading edge
  • Maximum sweep rate of 20ns/div
  • Variable scale illumination
  • Delayed sweep function with minimum delay time jitter of 1/20,000 or less
  • TV sync separation and hold-off circuit useful for video signal observation
  • X-Y phase difference measurement up to 50kHz
  • Character and cursors display on CRT
  • Selection of character and cursors ON/OFF with one touch push buttons
  • High precision measurement of *V, *T, and 1/*T with cursors