PM3264 - Philips Analog Oscilloscopes

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Technical Specifications



Extra Specifications
100 MHz Oscilloscope

Product Description

The Philips PM3264 100 MHz four-channel oscilloscope offers an unique solution to many timing problems in digital electronics.

Simultaneous display of 4 or 5 (incl. trigger channel) input signals provides a quick and convenient method for real time analysis of digital signals both at component and system level.

  •  multi-source triggering to add display flexibility 
  •  four channels to show signal relationships in time 
  •  trigger-view to relate triggering directly to the four-channel display 
  •  other features like differential displays and composite triggering to extend performance 
  •  two time bases to allow signal detail to be out from the data stream 
  •  alternate time base mode to allow signal details to be directly related to data stream
  • Vertical deflection factor: 2 mV/cm to 5 V/cm. X-axis (horizontal) 
  •  Time base: 1 s/cm to 50 ns/cm in 23 calibrated steps (x 10 magnifier extends sweep rate to 5 ns/cm). 
  •  Delayed time base: 0,2 s/cm to 50 ns/cm in 22 calibrated steps (x 10 magnifier extends sweep rate to 5 ns/cm).
  • Rise time 3.5 ns 
  • Vertical(or Deflection Factor) Accuracy 3 % 
  • Timebase accuracy 3 % 
  • Philips has designed a special tube (8 cm x 10 cm with illuminated graticule) with 17 kV acceleration voltage which provides a more-than adequate sharp and bright spot.
  • Lots of trigger modes.