P2560 - Protek Analog Oscilloscopes

P2560 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications



Extra Specifications
60 MHz Analog Oscilloscope

Product Description

  • 60MHz Bandwidth
  • Dual time base.
  • 1mV/Division sensitivity.
  • Sweep speeds to 2ns/Division.
  • Six vertical display modes: CH 1, CH 2, Alt/chop, Add, Subtract, Trigger View.
  • Up to 8 simultaneous traces may be displayed.
  • Vertical mode triggering for displaying unrelated signals.
  • 14kV Acceleration Voltage for bright displays of low duty cycle signals.
  • Auto linear focusing.
  • Trigger level lock circuit for stable triggering on large duty cycle and video signals.
  • CH 1 output, single sweep and much more.