2225 - Tektronix Analog Oscilloscopes

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Analog Oscilloscope

Product Description

The two-channel Tektronix 2225 analog Oscilloscope contains features usually found in more expensive instruments. The low-noise vertical system operates at 500 µV/div. You also get horizontal alternate sweep magnifications of X5, X10, and X50. These allow you to perform most measurements typically associated with dual time base scopes. The unit provides the convenience of Tek "hands-free" triggering, including HF and LF reject trigger filtering, TV line and field triggering. The single-sweep function is very useful for babysitting waveforms and waveform photography. The unit has a bandwidth of 50 MHz with a risetime of 7.0 ns; 40MHz with a risetime of 8.8 ns., -3 dB; p-p auto triggering. 0.5 s/div to 0.05 µs/div, max of 5 ns/div.