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5000LP Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Frequency Range - High

Output - Compression


Extra Specifications
High Power RF Amplifier

Product Description

The Model 5000LP is an inexpensive, broadband amplifier designed for applications requiring instantaneous bandwidth, high gain, and high power pulse output. It employs the latest design technology in its all-solid-state, low power stages and vacuum tube final and driver amplifiers. A continuously variable input attenuator permits the operator to adjust the output level as desired. Housed in a stylish contemporary enclosure, the Model 5000LP is smaller and lighter than competitive equipment with similar power levels. The final amplifier stage operates in a gated mode to improve efficiency, reduce output noise, and increase the pulse on/off ratio. In operation, the amplifier requires a gate input pulse synchronized with the RF input pulse. A rear panel connector enables remote control of, POWER, STANDBY, OPERATE, and PULSE functions. When connected to Model CP2001 or CP3000, these functions are respectively controlled by TTL level signals or IEEE-488 bus.