7623A - Tektronix Analog Oscilloscopes

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Technical Specifications



Extra Specifications
Analog storage Oscilloscope

Product Description

The Tektronix 7623A Storage Oscilloscope is ▄a multi-mode storage mainframe which uses a wide variety of plug-ins including logic analyzers, spectrum analyzers, sampling scopes, and of course, oscilloscopes. This three compartment mainframe has a stored writing rate of 135 cm/Ás with display modes of Store, Nonstore, and Save. Store modes include bi-stable, variable persistence, fast bi-stable, and fast variable persistence.

  • Bandwidth: 100MHz▄
  • 3.5 ns Rise time 5-ns/Div
  • 5.25-Inch Rackmount height
  • Deflection Factor - determined by plug-in
  • ▄Option 003 = EMC Capability. Adds special shielding for protection to the instrument when operated in severe EMI environments