AT-AWG500 - Active Technologies Arbitrary Waveform Generators

AT-AWG500 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Sampling Rate


Record Length
8 MSamples

Output Voltage Range
8 MSamples

Extra Specifications
16 Bit 500 MSPS USB Arbitrary Waveform Generation

Product Description

The AT-AWG500 is a high performance 500 MHz, 16 bit fully arbitrary waveform generator. With its powerful parallel architecture, the AT-AWG500 digital engine can perform complex runtime signal processing and waveform sequencing at high speed rates and resolution. The digital engine is well supported by a powerful analog front-end, which provides three outputs with different performance and analog signal conditioning options.

The AT-AWG500 parallel digital engine can run in Arbitrary, DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) and True Arb (with external clock) Mode at a 500 MHz update rate and in 16 bit resolution.

The AT-XSS (Extended Synchronous System) expansion system provides up to 8 synchronous outputs without any loss in performance: 8 channels at 500MS/s.

  • 500 MHz 16 bit fully arbitrary waveform generator
  • Connect up to 8 instruments with AT-XSS bus
  • Up to 349,504 different waveforms definable
  • Waveform execution sequence statically defined or dynamically updated
  • Triggering modes: single, continuous, stepped, burst
  • 16 Bit ASK modulation
  • Modulation low statically defined or dynamically updated to generate arbitrary signals modulated at runtime
  • DDS Mode: 36 Bit DDS, FSK, PSK,7.27 mHz resolution
  • LVOut: Single ended 50 Ohm full power bandwith, < 600 ps rise time, ±3V voltage swing
  • HVOut: Single ended 50 Ohm output, < 1.8 ns rise time, ±12V voltage swing, programmable analog filters, attenuations, and current limitation
  • DiffOut:Differential 100 Ohm output, < 1.2 ns rise time, ±6V voltage swing, programmable analog filters, and common mode voltage
  • USB 2.0 interface (also supports USB 1.1)
  • Windows 2000/XP OS - user friendly software control and configuration