195 - Fluke Arbitrary Waveform Generators

195 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

Sampling Rate


Record Length

Output Voltage Range

Extra Specifications
Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Product Description

The 39A and 195 Universal Waveform Generators combine many generators in one. Their extensive signal simulation capabilities include arbitrary waveforms, function generator, pulse/pulse train generator, sweep generator, trigger generator, tone generator, noise generator, and amplitude modulation source.

  • 2 or 4 Independent waveform channels
  • 40 MS/s Arbitrary waveform generator
  • Synthesized function generator to 16 MHz
  • 12 Bit vertical and 64k points horizontal resolution
  • Pulse/pulse train and tone generator
  • Amplitude modulation
  • Inter-channel triggering, summing and phase control
  • GPIB and RS-232 interfaces