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D30R - Baker Instruments Hipots

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  • Model: D30R
  • Manufactured by: Baker Instruments
  • Max. Output AC Voltage: n/a
  • Max. Output DC Voltage: 30.000kV
  • Output AC Current: n/a
  • Output DC Current: 1.0mA
  • Extra Specifications: Digital Surge/DC HiPot/ Resistance Tester
The D30R and D40R are stand alone units specifically designed to diagnose faults in very large electrical motors and windings, improving quality in the shop and reducing unnecessary and costly downtime in the field. The 30kV or 40kV output allows you to thoroughly test larger windings with lower impedance and higher capacitance. These units satisfy the requirements of testing the windings of both AC motors and DC armatures by producing a Surge with higher voltage and instantaneous current. These instruments offers you all of the convenient features of digital technology. It performs both Surge and DC high potential tests along with incorporating a supply monitor to insure safe operation from a well grounded source. The control and display module provides the user with comprehensive testing results.
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