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D65R - Baker Instruments Hipots

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  • Model: D65R
  • Manufactured by: Baker Instruments
  • Max. Output AC Voltage: n/a
  • Max. Output DC Voltage: 15.000kV
  • Output AC Current: n/a
  • Output DC Current: 1.0A
  • Extra Specifications: 15KV Digital Surge/DC HiPot/Resistance and Bar-to-Bar tester

This instrument is designed to maximize testing capabilities in a lightweight, sturdy format. Additional testing capabilities have been added to the tester, to make it a more comprehensive tool for predictive maintenance. As with the other digital testers, the D15R/D65R high precision testing capabilities allow data collection in the shop or the field. The results can then be printed immediately or stored for later use. As with many Baker instruments, this machine is IEEE compliant.

  • The D15R/D65R Digital Winding Tester can perform Resistance, HiPot and Surge tests as well as digitize and store data for future use
  • The Resistance Test verifies the existence of dead shorts within the turn-to-turn coils, shows any imbalances between phased due to turn count differences, along with locating poor wire connections or contacts
  • DC HiPot testing detects faults in groundwall/earth insulation, and also provides a complete polarization Index test. The groundwall/earth insulation system consists of the wires insulation, slot liner insulation, wedges, varnish, and sometimes phase paper
  • Surge Testing detects faults in both inter-turn winding and phase-to-phase insulation systems. Using advanced analog-to-digital conversion hardware, the "D" series captures the surge test waveform, remembers it, displays it indefinitely, and prints it to a printer
  • The D Series tester can be used to test all rotating fields of a synchronous motor by storing the waveform from a surge test on one coil, and comparing that waveform to a waveform from every other coil
  • The "D" Series Tester can be operated on its own in the field, and then data can be transferred to a computer running Baker'''''s Motor Test Acquisition (MTA) software for further analysis. MTA for Windows provides database capabilities, waveform comparison, report generation, printouts,a nd other functions that turns test data into usable information. All options are easily assessed with on-screen prompts
  • D65R Only - The lower impedance of series-wound armatures (traction motors, transit and lift truck armatures) make accurate surge testing of these coils difficult. The D65R allows the user to safely test these coils using higher currents. When testing these coils a specific voltage is applied on adjacent commutator bars reducing the need for excessively high voltage that could potential damage the coil. Inter-bar voltages can be varied from 50 to 900 volts on large, cross-connected equalized armatures. This bar-to-bar testing is the preferred method of testing DC armatures used by manufacturers and rebuilders
  • Storage of test data for up to 10 motors - 3 Surge Wave Pattern with Amplitude & Time base, Surge Test Peak Voltage Amplitude, DC HiPot Voltage, Leakage Current, Insulation Resistance
  • Baker's QRR reliability High Voltage Design
  • Zero Start Interlock for Tester high Voltage Output
  • Bright, Sharp 5-inch digital display
  • HiPot Over-Current safety warning indicator
  • Input Source Open Ground operator safety disable and warning indicator
  • Test Lead insulated to 45kV rating
  • Dedicated Test leads for Resistance Testing
  • Test Lead Select Switch with All Leads Grounded operator safety position
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