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ATS-2000 - Compliance West Hipots

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  • Model: ATS-2000
  • Manufactured by: Compliance West
  • Max. Output AC Voltage: 3.500kV
  • Max. Output DC Voltage: 5.000kV
  • Output AC Current: 20.0mA
  • Output DC Current: 5.0mA
  • Extra Specifications: Multipoint Hipot and continuity Tester
The ATS-2000: The most advanced and most flexible Hipot and continuity test system available. Cable harnesses, printed circuit boards, connectors, transformers and multi-phase motors are just a few of the products quickly and easily tested. Available with up to four configurable voltage and current test sources, sourcing up to 3.5Kv AC/5Kv DC, the system can perform Hipot, Continuity, Leakage Current, Insulation Resistance tests and 0-500ohm resistance measurements between any two points in a circuit, with up to 2000 points defined in each test setup. The easy to use, windows-based software program allows the user to configure, label and save test set-ups in any combination of continuity and/or Hipot tests. The data collection software immediately identifies failure location(s) simplifying the trouble shooting process. The software also allows you to save and print information such as test results, failure location, customer, operator and date.
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