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AV/DV-25VA-10 - Criterion Instruments Hipots

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  • Model: AV/DV-25VA-10
  • Manufactured by: Criterion Instruments
  • Max. Output AC Voltage: 2.500kV
  • Max. Output DC Voltage: 2.500kV
  • Output AC Current: 10.0mA
  • Output DC Current: 10.0mA
  • Extra Specifications: AC and DC Dialectric Strength Tester (Hi Pot)
  • 4 Lights ( power-on,  high-voltage-on,  fault,  and  line-fault )  
  • Power on/off switch, AC/DC meters switch, Reset button, Voltage adjust knob, and safety device for incorrectly wired or ground faulty power-outlet 
  • One input line-cord, one ground lead c/w a clip, and one removable high-voltage lead c/w a plug on one end to be plugged into either ac or dc high-voltage outlet of the tester, and a retractable high-voltage probe on the other end
  • Trip current fixed at 10 mA
  • Voltmeter: 0-2500 Vac
  • Ammeter: 0-10 mA
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