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6100 Plus - QuadTech Hipots

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  • Model: 6100 Plus
  • Manufactured by: QuadTech
  • Max. Output AC Voltage: 5.000kV
  • Max. Output DC Voltage: 6.000kV
  • Output AC Current: 40.0mA
  • Output DC Current: 12.0mA
  • Extra Specifications: Guardian 6100 Plus [Medical] Electrical Safety Analyzer (CE Mark)

The Guardian 6100 Plus Electrical Safety Analyzer performs AC and DC hipot (hypot), insulation resistance, ground bond and leakage current measurements for a complete electrical safety testing solution. The built-in leakage current scanner provides up to 20A input current capability for functional run testing, and, in addition, the connections for earth, enclosure, patient and line leakage current testing to meet IEC 60601-1 compliance requirements.

  • Perform functional and safety testing in a single unit
  • Simultaneous Hipot and Ground Bond Testing
  • Integration into an automated production environment
  • High voltage/high current scanner options for multi-point testing
  • Archive test setups, data and results with CaptivATE Automation Software
  • Programmable AC Hipot Voltage 50 to 5000VAC, Output Current to 40mA
  • Programmable DC Hipot Voltage 50 to 6000VDC, Output Current to 12mA
  • IR Measurements from 100kohm to 50Gohm, Test Voltage 50 to 1000VDC
  • Programmable Ground Bond Current from 1 to 40A*, R Measurement to 510mohms
  • Twin Port - Simultaneous Hipot and Ground Bond
  • Built-in 20A Hipot/Line Leakage Scanner
  • Functional Run Testing: Voltage (to 300V), Current (to 20A) or Power (to 4400VA)
  • Earth, Enclosure, Patient & Patient Auxiliary Leakage Current Measurements
  • Open/Short Circuit Detection to ensure DUT is connected
  • Pause Mode Allows the Operator to Change Device Connection and Continue
  • Programmable Hi/Lo Limits for Pass/Fail Testing
  • Programmable Ramp, Dwell and Test Times
  • Perform Multiple Tests in Sequence with Store/Recall of 100 Setups, 50 Steps Each
  • Front Panel Lockout Prevents Changes to the Test Setup
  • Automatic Offset to Zero Out Residual Current
  • Fast HV Cutoff and Quick Discharge of Device Under Test
  • RS-232 and I/O Interfaces Included Standard
  • IEEE-488 and Printer Interfaces Optional
  • Built-In Operator Prompted Software Calibration Routine
  • Front and Rear Panel Output Connections
  • 40A Ground Bond Testing with Optional Transformer
  • CaptivATE Automation Software for G6100 Plus; Optional
  • CE, TUV & UL Marked
  • GB: Standard 30A output, Optional 40A output
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