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GLP1-e HV - Schleich Hipots

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  • Model: GLP1-e HV
  • Manufactured by: Schleich
  • Max. Output AC Voltage: 6.000kV
  • Max. Output DC Voltage: 6.000kV
  • Output AC Current: 100.0mA
  • Output DC Current: 10.0mA
  • Extra Specifications: High Voltage tester
  • 2-line, 16-digit, well-readable red LCD
  • Easy operation
    • manual operation only with overcurrent interruption
    • automatic operation with time periods, overcurrent interruption, and various monitoring features
    • "burning" operation for the detection of insulation faults
  • High limit current setting
  • Low limit current setting
  • Safety test pistols with and without integrated start switch
  • High voltage connection control / monitoring of cable rupture switching with zero crossing
  • High voltage "connection control" and/or cable break monitoring manual and automatic voltage adjustment with ramp optical and acoustical error message upon disruptive breakdown connections for Emergency Stop, safety contact and warning lamp
  • 1 * RS232 for printer or remote control configuration software for adapting the tester functions via PC self-test via "blackbox" according to VDE WINDOWS® software
  • Self-test via black box according to VDE
  • Windows (R) software for remote control, for administration of databses, and for printing out test protocols
  • Network with testing devices and a central PC with NetCom Xi
  • I/O interface with analog control inputs and actual value outputs
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