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8551 - Tabor Electronics Function Generators

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  • Model: 8551
  • Manufactured by: Tabor Electronics
  • Frequency Range Max.: 50.0MHz
  • Waveform Outputs: Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Pulse
  • Modulation: AM, FM, Pulse, Gated, Trigger, PWM
  • Extra Specifications: Pulse / Function Generator

Model 8551 is a pulse/function generator, which has performance characteristics similar to the Model 8550. In addition, this instrument offers pulse and ramp waveforms as well as their complements. Model 8551 also provides an accurate control over pulse parameters and pulse transition times. The variable rise and fall times may be independently adjusted within common ranges. Linear and logarithmic sweep functions are not available on this model. Output waveforms may be gated, triggered, or may generate a burst of pre-selected number of cycles. The generator also provides a number of externally controlled modes, including VCO, FM, AM, and PLL. 

  • Three instruments in one: Pulse Generator, Function Generator, and Phase Generator (PLL)
  • Changing pulse level in less than 6ns
  • Auto calibration to typically 1% accuracy on all functions, 0.1% continuous frequency accuracy. Built-in self diagnostics
  • Popular output wave forms including Sine, Triangle, Square waves, Pulse, and Ramp
  • High-resolution, high-accuracy digital settings. Parameters are set, either from the front panel or through the GPIB interface
  • Pulse output waveforms include: normal pulse, fixed duty cycle pulse, and pulse complement
  • Control input is available for pulse width modulation (PWM), AM, VCO, and FM
  • Linear transition times are independently programmable for trailing and leading edges
  • 30 storable, non-volatile, front panel set-ups
  • Standard GPIB interface, complies with IEEE-488.2 specifications
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