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GW Instek

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GW Instek

N9020A MXA Signal Analyzer

Accelerate the Development of Wireless Devices with the Speed, Performance & Applications to Adapt to Evolving Test Requirements

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N9020A MXA Signal Analyzer

SM200B Spectrum Analyzer

The High Performance SM200B From Signal Hound: High Performance Speed, Accuracy, Security, and Agility Meet Very Low Cost

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GW Instek

Founded in 1975, GW Instek was the first manufacturer in Taiwan to specialize in electrical test & measurement instruments. Their focus on delivering high-quality, economically priced measurement solutions for the educational and industrial manufacturing markets has led to a reputation for reliability, integrity and innovation.

Authorized GW Instek Distributor

BRL Test is an Authorized Distributor of GW Instek produts for the United States, Mexico, Central and South America. We believe GW Instek’s Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers, Signal Sources, and Basic Test & Measurement instruments offer outstanding value on top of their high-reliability. We sell new and refurbished GW Instek test equipment. Contact us for more information or browse our selection of GW Instek equipment.

Contact us for more information or browse our selection of GW Instek equipment.
GW Instek Safety Testers

Safety Testers

Safety testers (also named hi-pot tester/hipot tester/hipot test) are designed to ensure safe operation of DUTs under various operating conditions and environment.
GPT-12002 - GW Instek AC/DC Hipots

GPT-15004 - GW Instek AC/DC Hipots

GPT-12001 - GW Instek Hipot Testers

GW Instek Electronic Loads

Electronic Loads

Featuring different combinations of power, voltage, and current, Electronic Load testers can test and verify the specifications of batteries, electric vehicle chargers/charging stations, electric vehicle batteries and solar panels.
PEL-2002A - GW Instek Electronic Loads

PEL-2030A - GW Instek Electronic Loads DC

PEL-3031E - GW Instek Electronic Loads

GW Instek Power Supplies

Power Supplies

More than 100 power supply products suitable for the requirements of Electronic Assembly Testing, Education, Component Testing, Wireless Product Testing, Burn-in, Battery-Power Product Testing, Automotive and Aerospace industries.
APS-7050E - GW Instek Power Supplies AC

ASR-2050R - GW Instek Power Supplies AC

GPD-2303S - GW Instek Power Supplies DC

GW Instek Oscilloscopes


GW Instek provides an entire series of oscilloscope solutions, consisting of two groups: Digital Storage Oscilloscopes and Handheld (Portable) Oscilloscopes.
GDS-3504 - GW Instek Digital Oscilloscope

GOS-6103 - GW Instek Analog Oscilloscope

MDO-2072EX - GW Instek Digital Oscilloscope

GW Instek Signal Generators

Signal Generators

GWInstek has been one of the major signal source suppliers for worldwide users by the advanced-featured products for decades.
MFG-2260MRA - GW Instek Function Generator

GAG-810 - GW Instek Signal Generator

MFG-2160MR - GW Instek Function Generator

GW Instek Signal Analyzers

Signal Analyzers

GW Instek spectrum analyzer lineup fits a broad range of applications in research, service, manufacturing, educational and other related fields for the frequency range 1GHz to 3.25GHz.
GSP-9300BTG - GW Instek Spectrum Analyzer

GSP-9330 - GW Instek Spectrum Analyzer

MDO-2072EG - GW Instek Digital Oscilloscope

GW Instek Authorized Service Provider

  • Service & Repair
  • Technical Support
  • Warranty & Returns
BRL Test is an authorized GW Instek service and repair center. BRL Test has a reputation for excellence. Fortune 500 companies, the Government, and military all rely on BRL Test for fast and affordable repairs.

iso9001 Calibration

Calibration & Test Equipment Repair

The BRL Test Lab offers in-house ISO9001:2015 compliant calibration to its end users and industry professionals with precision accuracy, fast turn-around times, and a seamless customer experience.
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