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5110A - Signal Recovery Lock-in Amplifiers

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  • Model: 5110A
  • Manufactured by: Signal Recovery
  • High end frequency limit: 100.00kHz
  • Dynamic Reserve: 105 dB (max)
  • Min. Time Constant: < 20 usec
  • Max. Time Constant: 300 sec
The model 5110A offers a cost effective alternative for the researcher who requires a quality, performance analog instrument but does not need the better signal recovery capabilities of the models 5209 or 5210. The instrument provides current or voltage inputs, a choice of filter modes and output time constants and an internal oscillator. It measures the in-phase component, quadrature component, vector magnitude, signal phase angle and noise level of the input signal. GPIB and RS232 computer interfaces are standard allowing the user the choice of control through the instrument front panel or via a host computer. Two auxiliary DAC outputs, four ADC inputs and an eight bit TTL logic port output are also provided. Front panel operation includes a number of automatic functions, for example automeasure and autophase, for ease of use. Software support is available in the form of a LabVIEW driver supporting all instrument functions, and the Acquire™ lock-in amplifier applications software
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