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Nova - Ophir Optronics Solutions Optical Power Meters

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  • Model: Nova
  • Manufactured by: Ophir Optronics Solutions
  • Type: Laser
  • High end wavelength limit: n/a
  • Measurement Units: dBm, J, Watt
  • Extra Specifications: Laser Power / Energy Meter Display

Compatible with the complete range of Ophir thermal (power and energy), pyroelectric and photodiode heads, Nova is truly versatile: measuring from pW to KW, μJ tp 200 J. With the optional scope adapter, you can connect your pyro head to an oscilloscope and see every pulse up to the maximum frequency permitted by the head. Smart connector heads automatically configure and calibrate Nova when plugged in. Soft keys guide you through the screen graphics. Finished working? Your configuration can be saved for future use. The Nova exclusive autoranging tune screen displays laser power graphically and displays maximum power. Zoom and time scale can be adjusted by user.

  • Compatible with all Ophir heads, thermopile , pyroelectric & photodiode
  • Single shot energy measurement with thermal heads
  • Optional RS232 computer interface. Works with the Ophir StarCom32 application
  • Power and energy logging with graphical display and statistics
  • Power averaging
  • Easy to use soft keys, menu driven
  • Screen graphics
  • Backlight & rechargeable battery
  • Analog output
  • EMI rejection
  • Complete LabVIEW interface
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