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Yellowjacket TABLET - Berkeley Varitronics Systems Spectrum Anal

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  • Model: Yellowjacket TABLET
  • Manufactured by: Berkeley Varitronics Systems
  • High end frequency limit: 5.90GHz
  • Resolution Bandwidth Max.: n/a
  • Resolution Bandwidth Min.: n/a
  • Amplitude Range: n/a
  • Extra Specifications: 802.11B/A/N/G Wi-Fi Analyzer

YELLOWJACKET®-TABLET is a Windows XP® tablet UMPC spectrum analyzer all-in-one system. The calibrated receiver measures between 2.0 - 5.9 GHz covering such popular wireless bands including Wi-Fi, Wi-MAX, ISM, Public Safety, Bluetooth and more. Powerful spectrum analysis features include user selectable power triggers, 3 pairs of markers, spectrogram, histogram, video smoothing, waveform averaging, 1 live trace and up to 4 peak hold waveform traces with peak hold/search. This advanced spectrum analysis allows YELLOWJACKET®-TABLET to sweep any signal and instantly display areas of RF interference. During spectrum analysis, the receiver is a passive device and “invisible” to the network making it easier to identify hackers, rogue APs and other sorts of RF interference. YELLOWJACKET®-TABLET interface offers a large 7” WVGA LCD touch-screen featuring 1.33 GHz Intel Pentium® processor. YELLOWJACKET®-TABLET sweeps and demodulates all 802.11b/a/n/g packets providing MAC, SSID, SNR, Delay Spread, CFR and more. Once users have detected a specific AP or STA, they can “lock onto” those packets to locate it using an optional direction finding antenna. Unlike other packet sniffers and signal strength meters, Berkeley’s receiver technology measures RSSI to within +1 dB of any nearby 802.11 packet on or off your network. This realtime measurement is useful in determining total channel power, multipath and WISP antenna alignments. In addition, WEP and WPA encryption detection provide instant feedback on the security of all APs on your network.

  • Rf spectrum analysis in your hands or on your desktop
  • Identify wi-max, rfid, wi-fi, 802.11 & other rf interference
  • Large, 7” wvga, touch-screen interface
  • Windows xp umpc intel pentium tablet
  • Channel power measurements in true dbm
  • Peak search / hold with up 4 peak hold waveform traces
  • User selectable power triggers
  • Spectrogram / histogram measurements
  • Waveform jpeg snapshots with preview & printout
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