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BRL Test – low prices on sales and repairs is what we're about. Our world class repair lab is what sets us apart. Premium quality used spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, oscilloscopes, signal generators, communication testers, RF, microwave, EMC, EMI and more. Shop and save on over 7,000 models from Agilent, HP, Keysight, R&S, Anritsu, Advantest, Tektronix and the like. To ensure high reliability, most all of our equipment is calibrated and NIST traceable certified just prior to shipment. Z-540 & 17025 calibrations also available for a fee. Purchase easy knowing that you are receiving high quality equipment ready to work accurately right out of the box – no worries.

"It's the service after the sale that counts!"

lifetime suportOur Lifetime Support Promise means your equipment is supported for life by our World Class Repair Lab with top technicians, fast turn time and extensive parts inventory. We are here to see that your purchase stands the test of time be it ten, twenty or thirty years from now.


BRL Test is your authorized distributor:

Signal Hound  signal hound

Signal Hound SM200A Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer 20 GHz

Signal Hound BB60C Real Time Spectrum Analyzer 6 GHz

Signal Hound USB-SA124B Spectrum Analyzer 12.4 GHz

Signal Hound USB-SA44B Spectrum Analyzer 4.4 GHz

Signal hound USB-TG124A Tracking Generator 12.4 GHz

Signal Hound USB-TG44A Tracking Generator 4.4 GHz

Signal Hound VSG25A Signal Generator 2.5GHz

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Ophir RF  ophir

Ophir RF 5391 Amplifier, 600 MHz – 6 GHz, 10W  

Ophir RF 5395 Amplifier, 6-18 GHz, 12 W

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Com-Power  com power

Com-Power PAM-118A Preamplifier 500MHz-18GHz

Com-Power CGC-51000 Comb Generator 1-40 GHz, 500MHz steps

Com-Power AB-900 Biconical Antenna 30-300MHz

Com-Power AH-220 Horn Antenna 200MHz-2GHz

Com-Power LI-325 Line Impedance Stabilization Network 10KHz-400MHz

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AdauraTech   adura 

AdauraTech  AD-USB4APT5 Programmable Attenuator, 4CH, 0-63dB 0.5dB (0.05-6Ghz)   

Adaura Tech AD-USB4AR2 Programmable Attenuator, 4CH, 0-63dB 0.5dB (0.05-6Ghz), >100dB CtC   

Adaura Tech AD-USB2APT5 Programmable Attenuator 2CH 0-63dB 0.5dB (0.05-6Ghz)

Adaura Tech AD-USB2AR2 Programmable Attenuator 2CH 0-63dB 0.5dB (0.05-6Ghz), >100dB CtC    

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SAF Tehnika   saf

SAF Tehnika Spectrum Compact J0SSAP10, 2-8 GHz spectrum analyzer for Microwave Radio

SAF Tehnika Spectrum Compact J0SSAP11, 5.92-12 GHz spectrum analyzer for Microwave Radio

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Omicron   omicron

Omicron Bode 100 Network Analyzer 1Hz-40MHz

Pioctest   picotest

Picotest J2111A Current Injector, load stepping, non-invasive phase margin

Picotest J2101A Injection Transformer, measure voltage that exceed Bode-100 inputs

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ETS-Lindgren   ets

ETS-Lindgren 3164-06 Open Boundary Quad-Ridged Horn Antenna 300MHz-6GHz

ETS-Lindgren  3117 Double-Ridged Waveguide Antenna 1GHz-18GHz

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Empower RF Systems   empower

Empower RF Systems  2162 Intelligent Amplifier 20MHz – 1 GHz, 1000W

Empower RF Systems  2195 Intelligent Amplifier 2-6GHz, 50W

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Emscan   emscan 

Emscan EHX Desktop Analyzer - Anechoic Chamber Alternative for PCB Designers

Emscan  RFX Bench Top Analyzer - Antenna Pattern Testing in Seconds

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Aaronia USA   aaronia

Aaronia EMC Bundle 1: Spectrum Analyzer, EMC Directional Antenna, Nearfield ProbeSet…

Aaronia EMC Bundle 2: Spectrum Analyzer, Directional Antenna, Radial Isotropic Antenna…

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TekBox   tekbok

TekBox TBMDA1 Preamp 22dB to drive nearfield probes

Tekbox TBPS01 EMC Near-Field Probe Set

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Saluki Technologies   saluki.png

Saluki Technologies 3602E Vector Network Analyzer 67 GHz, 2CH or 4CH

Saluki Technologies S3503E Signal / Spectrum Analyzer 3Hz-26.5GHz

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Velocity Microwave, Vector VNA Cables   velocity


BRL Test in House Repair Engineering Group

test equipment repair

Free repair evaluations. Extend the life of your equipment and save thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

Our technicians are military PMEL graduates who average over 15 years of comprehensive repair experience. BRL Test stocks a large inventory of repair parts. Wouldn't you like a friend like that on your side?




We are committed to making BRL Test a world class repair and calibration facility. In 2012 we hired another skilled technician, made our lab 50 GHz enabled, added space and increased our parts inventory. We are contiually pushing on to provide the best engineering and repair services for spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, oscilloscopes, signal generators, RF and communications equipment and more. Great technicians, state of the art shipping and a knowledgeable sales staff is what makes BRL Test your first choice for electronic test equipment solutions. Orlando, Florida is our home but the world is our stage.

green badgeAs a company, we have also made a pledge to do our part in preserving our planet for future generations. As part of this commitment we have taken a number of steps to "greening" our business. These steps are not limited to but include: waste reduction – by implementing recycle and reuse programs and initiatives, energy conservation – by being more aware and conscious of our water and electricity usage in addition to exploring more green-centric avenues, and eco-awareness- by not only educating, but also supporting and urging our employees and their families to join us in our green initiative.


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