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BRL Test – low prices on sales and repairs is what we're about. Our world class repair lab is what sets us apart. Premium quality used spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, oscilloscopes, signal generators, communication testers, RF, microwave, telecommunications equipment and more. Shop and save on over 7,000 models from Agilent, HP, Keysight, R&S, Anritsu, Advantest, Tektronix and the like. Each unit is calibrated and certified per order. Z-540 & 17025 calibrations also available (ISO9001:2000 / A2LA.) Purchase easy knowing that you are receiving high quality equipment ready to work accurately right out of the box – no worries.

"It's the service after the sale that counts!"

lifetime suportOur Lifetime Support Promise means your equipment is supported for life by our World Class Repair Lab with top technicians, fast turn time and extensive parts inventory. We are here to see that your purchase stands the test of time be it ten, twenty or thirty years from now.


BRL Test in House Repair Engineering Group

Free repair evaluations. Extend the life of your equipment and save thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

Our technicians are military PMEL graduates who average over 15 years of comprehensive repair experience. BRL Test stocks a large inventory of repair parts. Wouldn't you like a friend like that on your side?



Fast Moving Products:

34401A Agilent Multi Meter 6.5 Digit $890
4062UX Agilent / HP Parametric Tester $49,900
4072A Agilent / HP Parametric Tester - Configured your way $174,000
4072B Agilent / HP Parametric Tester - Configured your way $179,000
5720A /03 Fluke Multifunction Calibrator wide band AC voltage $34,900
5820A 2.1 GHz Fluke Oscilloscope Calibrator $15,900
6620 Krohn-Hite IEEE-488 Programmable Precision Phasemeter, 10 Hz - 5 MHz $3,400
81110A w/(qty2) 81111A Agilent Pulse Pattern Generator 165 MHz dual-channel  $8,900
8160A /020 Agilent / HP Pulse Generators, 50MHz $4,000
8510SX Agilent / HP Network Analyzer System 26.5 GHz, 8510C... $14,900
85107B Agilent / HP Network Analyzer System 50 GHz, 8510C 8517B 83651B $19,900
8594E/ 041/119/130/151/160 Agilent / HP Spectrum Analyzer 9 kHz - 2.9 GHz $2,900
8595E /023 /101/105 Agilent / HP Spectrum Analyzer, 9 kHz - 6.5 GHz $2,400
86106A\101 30 GHz optical / 40 GHz electrical module $2,990
86108A Waveform Analyzer module 33 GHz, channel noise 300uV, Jitter 100 femto seconds $5,900
8722ES /010/400 Agilent Network Analyzer 40 GHz $29,900
8753D Agilent Network Analyzer 3 GHz Internal S-Parameter $4,900
8753D/011 w 85046B Agilent Network Analyzer 3GHz/ w/external S-Parameter $4,500
8753E/1D5 Agilent Network Analyzer 3 GHz $6,400
8753ES Agilent Network Analyzer 3 GHz  $6,750
AB-900 - Com-Power Biconical Antenna New in Box $1,029
ABM-6000 Com Power Microwave Biconical Antenna 1-6 GHz New in Box $1,850
ACS-230-50W EMC Power Amplifier New in Box $8,300
AH-118 Com-Power Horn Antenna 1-18 GHz New in Box $2,830
ALC-100 Com-Power Compact Log Peridic Antenna 300MHz-1GHz New in Box $1,250
AQ6317B Ando Optical Spectrum Analyzer 50GHz 600nm to 1750nm, measures light to -90dBm. $11,900
BB60C Signal Hound Real Time 6GHz Spectrum Analyzer. Small, beautiful GUI, great in every way!  $2,879
Bode 100 Vector Network Analyzer 1KHz to 40 MHz New in Box $5,490
CDN-M325E Com-Power Powerline Coupling and Decoupling Network. New in box. $1,325
CX Monitor, Power Monitor. Expert reports created for you when you return rental.  call
DSO5054A Agilent Oscilloscope 500 MHz, 4CH, 4GSa/sec $2,990
E4402B Agilent 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer $3,900
E4406A/B78/BAF Agilent Signal Analyzer 4 GHz $1,500
E4407B/AYX/BAA Agilent 26.5 GHz Spectrum Analyzer $10,400
E4418B Agilent Single Channel Power Meter 110GHz $990
E4432B\100\101\1E5\UN5\UN8\UND Agilent Signal Generator 3GHz $2,990
E4438C/503/002/005/401/403/404/UNB/UNJ Agilent Signal Generator 3GHz $7,400
E4438C/506/601/UNB/UNJ Agilent Signal Generator 6 GHz $10,900
E4440A Agilent Spectrum Analyzer 26.5 GHz $19,900
E5515C Agilent Test Set HW 4.3 3/CDMA/CDMA2000/IS-95/AMPS/1xEV-DO $2,400
E5515C HW 4.5, 3/CDMA2000/IS-95/AMPS/1xED-VO/Fast Switch Mobile Agilent Test $2,900
E8257D-567 Agilent Signal Generator 67 GHz $89,900
E8364A Agilent Network Analyzer 50 GHz $54,900
EPM-442A Agilent / HP Power Meter Dual Channel $2,000
FSH18 Rohde and Schwarz R&S Spectrum Analyzer, Hand Held, 10 MHz to 18 GHz $8,900
J2100 Picotest Injection Transformer. New in Box $525
J7230A /004/106/110/609 OmniBER Agilent / HP OTN 10 Gb/s Communications Performance Analyzer $5,900
LI-325 Com-Power Line Impedance Stabilizer 10kHz-40MHz, New in box. $1,425
M1 Waveform Tools Suite Software. Puts your old scopes brain on steriods! call
MG3691A 1B/2A/5/9K/15A Anritsu Synthesized CW Generator, 2 to 8.4 GHz $4,400
MG3691B Anritsu Signal Generator, 10MHz to 10GHz $5,400
MSO6052A /001/8MH/SEC Agilent / HP Oscilloscope 500 MHz & 2* 10073C Probes $4,900
MW82119A/31/190 PIM Master Passive Intermodulation Analyzer, 40W, PCS 1900 MHz, GPS $9,900
MW9060A Anritsu Optical Time Domaine Reflectometer, OTDR $2,900
N5181A /506/UNT/UNU Agilent MXG RF Analog Signal Generator, 250 kHz - 6 GHz $9,900
P2100A Picotest 1 Port PDN Transmission Line Probe (new 3yr mfg warranty) $1,495
P9610A Picotest Programmable Auto Power Supply 36v-108W (new 3yr mfg warranty) $735
P9611A Picotest Programmable Auto Power Supply 60V-120W (new 3yr mfg warranty) $630
R2600C Motorola Communication Test Set $2,900
R2600D Motorola Communication Test Set $5,900
S331D Anritsu Site Master Cable / Antenna Analyzer 3 GHz Handheld $2,990
S331E/10/21/31 Anritsu Site Master Cable/Antenna Analyzer 4GHz Handheld, GPS... $8,400
S820C Anritsu Microwave Site Master Transmission Line and Antenna Analyzer 3.3 GHz- 20 GHz $8,900
TO204A Micsig Touchtablet Oscilloscope *Wow* 200MHz, 4 CH, 2GS/s(new) $2,399


Free repair evaluations for HP 8510C network analyzer systems

BRL Test now offering free repair evaluations for HP 8510C network analyzer systems. Free repair evaluations for HP models: 8510C, 83650A, 83650B, 83640A, 83640B, 83630A, 83630B, 83620A, 83620B, 8517A, 8517B, 8516A, 8516B, 8515A, 8515B, 86120A, 86120B, 86120C. Extend the life of your equipment and save thousands of dollars in replacement costs. BRL Test stocks a large inventory of repair parts. BRL Test in House Repair Engineering Group technicians average over 15 years of comprehensive repair experience. We absolutely know HP 8510C systems. Wouldn't you like a friend like that on your side? On time under budget begins right here now. Contact us today 407-682-4228 esales@brltest.com

BRL Test will be at HamCation 2015

When: Feb 13, 2015 - Feb 15, 2015

Where: Central Florida Fairgrounds 4603 W. Colonial Drive, Orlando FL, Commercial 3, Building 2 Tables 348-354.



We are committed to making BRL Test a world class repair and calibration facility. In 2012 we hired another skilled technician, made our lab 50 GHz enabled, added space and increased our parts inventory. We are contiually pushing on to provide the best engineering and repair services for spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, oscilloscopes, signal generators, RF and communications equipment and more. Great technicians, state of the art shipping and a knowledgeable sales staff is what makes BRL Test your first choice for electronic test equipment solutions. Orlando, Florida is our home but the world is our stage.

As a company, we have also made a pledge to do our part in preserving our planet for future generations. As part of this commitment we have taken a number of steps to "greening" our business. These steps are not limited to but include: waste reduction – by implementing recycle and reuse programs and initiatives, energy conservation – by being more aware and conscious of our water and electricity usage in addition to exploring more green-centric avenues, and eco-awareness- by not only educating, but also supporting and urging our employees and their families to join us in our green initiative.


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