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AH-118 Spec Sheet

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Technical Specifications

1-18 GHz, Horn Antenna

Extra Specifications
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Product Description


BRL Test is your authorized Com-Power Distributer.
Broadband Double Ridged Waveguide Horn Antenna for EMC This antenna is linearly polorized and is designed specifically for EMC measurements for the 1-18 GHz frequency range. The AH-118 (AH118) Horn antenna can be used for emissions and immunity testing. The gain of this Horn antenna is at least 6.1 dBi over the entire frequency range. Model AH-118 can accept up to 300 Watts input power in continuous mode. This antenna is constructed using light weight aluminum with a corrosion resistant conductive coating. AH118

The mounting base of Model AH-118 has 1/4 inch x 20 threads.  Use Com-Power  AT-812 Antenna for an additional $960 (highly non-reflective.) $960