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HM400 - Hameg Instruments Analog Oscilloscopes

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  • Model: HM400
  • Manufactured by: Hameg Instruments
  • Bandwidth: 40MHz
  • Channels: 2
  • Reference-Class in sensitivity and input voltage range
  • 2 Channels with deflection coefficients of 1mV/DIV 20 V/DIV, variable to 50 V/DIV
  • Time Base: 0.2 s/DIV 100 ns/DIV, with X magnification to 10 ns/DIV
  • Low noise measuring amplifiers with high pulse fidelity and minimum overshot
  • Peak to peak trigger for stable triggering from 0 to 50 MHz at 0.5DIV signal level (to 80 MHz at 1DIV)
  • Autoset, Save/Recall Memories for 6 instrument settings
  • Yt- and XY-Mode with Z-Input for intensity modulation
  • Component characterisation with component tester (two terminal network measurement) within service etc
  • Low power consumption, no fan
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