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CubeScope-20 - Acquitek Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

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  • Model: CubeScope-20
  • Manufactured by: Acquitek
  • Bandwidth: 70.0MHz
  • Scope Channels: 2
  • Digital Channels: 16
  • Sample Rate: 40.0MSa/sec
  • Extra Specifications: 40MS/s Mixed PC Based Oscilloscope
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Acquitek CubeScope-20 Overview

The Open Platform CubeScope-20 mixed PC based oscilloscope delivers an unbeatable combination of general purpose instrumentation, 2 channels Oscilloscope, 2 channels Arbitrary Waveform Generator & 16 channels Logic Analyzer, ease-of-use, at a very affordable price in a lightweight package.
With up to 4M samples per channel of on-board memory and up to 64M samples with the Stream to PC memory feature, the CubeScope-20 allows accurate acquisition and generation of very long records of data.
The PC based plateform with the 512 Mbytes of RAM associated with the power of the latest generation of processor allows fast, easy handling of such long records.
The Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) function allows the analyzing of complex waveforms by viewing frequency and signal shape. 

  • Up to 40 MS/s, 2-Ch, 12-bit, Oscilloscope 
  • Up to 40 MS/s, 2-Ch, 12-bit, Arbitrary Waveform Generator 
  • Up to 40 MHz, 16-bit, Logic Analyzer


  • 70 MHz Bandwidth
  • 2 Channels, 12-bit, 20MS/s each, 4M samples each
  • Or 1 Channel up to 40MS/s, 8M samples
  • Two probes X1/X10 with HF adjustment

Arbitrary Waveform Generator

  • 2 Channels, 12-bit, 20MS/s each,
  • Or 1 Channel up to 40MS/s

Logical Analyzer

  • Sample rate up to 40MHz
  • 16 Channels
  • Up to 16MBytes total embedded memory

Open PC platform

  • PC base with Windows XP, 512M RAM
  • 40 Gbytes Hard drive
  • CD-R Drive
  • Small Footprint/Lightweight

AcquiFlex software

  • Time & Frequency domain display
  • Zoom on time display
  • 6 Automatic measurements
  • Streaming to PC RAM
  • Waveform Autosave
  • Save & Restore Setup
  • Decimation mode
  • Waveform editor
  • Logic pattern display
iso9001 Calibration

Calibration & Test Equipment Repair

The BRL Test Lab offers in-house ISO9001:2015 compliant calibration to its end users and industry professionals with precision accuracy, fast turn-around times, and a seamless customer experience.
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