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bi2450 - Borge Instruments Logic Analyzers

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  • Model: bi2450
  • Manufactured by: Borge Instruments
  • Max. Channels Number: 24
  • Max. State Speed: n/a
  • Max. Timing Speed: 50MHz
  • Extra Specifications: Logic Analyzer
The bi2450 family of logic analyzers are compact 24 channel 50MHz logic analyzers. There are two versions, the bi2450 and the bi2450plus. They are both identical physically, but the bi2450plus has external clocking capabilities and an advanced trigger system. The graphics user interface makes them very easy to use without loosing control of its powerful features. Using the latest in ASIC technology, the entire logic analyzer resides in the POD keeping skew and cross talk to a minimum. The POD connects to the PC using a dedicated interface card for high speed sample updates. Extra PC cards may be purchased allowing the logic analyzer to be shared between computers.
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