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11601 - Chroma Network Analyzers

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  • Model: 11601
  • Manufactured by: Chroma
  • High end freq limit: 1.20GHz
  • Instrument Type: Vector
  • Extra Specifications: Network Analyzer
  • 300kHz - 1.2GHz, 3dBm
  • Sweep time 1.5ms/point
  • Trace noise 0.005dBp-p (1KHz)
  • External PC designed, easy to update PC and get more new information
  • Separable signal mixer designed, reducing measurement inaccurate from fixture
  • For Window OS
  • Display window of measurement results, from 1 to 4 windows, for different measurement request
  • High Cost-Performance
  • Measurement parameter -Transmission: Insertion loss, Insertion phase, Insertion loss ¡V relative (Gain) -Reflection: Return-loss -Group delay, VSWR, Absolute power
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