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SM200A - Signal Hound Spectrum Analyzers


  • Model: SM200A
  • Manufactured by: Signal Hound
  • High end frequency limit: 20 GHz Real Time
  • Resolution Bandwidth Max.: 10 MHz (any span)
  • Resolution Bandwidth Min.: 0.1 Hz (≤200 kHz span)
  • Extra Specifications: Spectrum Analyzer, 20GHz, High Performance, Realtime, New, 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

SM200A Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer & Monitoring Receiver

The SM200A is a high-performance spectrum analyzer and monitoring receiver. Tuning from 100 kHz to 20GHz, the analyzer has 160MHz of instantaneous bandwidth, 110dB of dynamic range, 1THz/sec sweep speed at 30kHz RBW (using Nuttall windowing), and phase noise performance that is low enough to contribute less than 0.1% error to EVM measurements and rival even the most expensive spectrum analyzers on the market.

Signal processing is distributed between a very powerful Altera FPGA and an external PC having an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor. The Signal Hound SM200A can be readily interfaced, using its local API, to an automated monitoring system or to automated test equipment. The SM200A API provides customers the access needed to insert their own DSP algorithms into a calibrated stream of I/Q data.

  • Range: 100 kHz to 20.0 GHz
  • Calibrated Streaming I/Q: 5 kHz to 40 MHz of selectable I/Q bandwidth.
  • Sparse Spectrum I/Q Streaming: Streaming 160 MHz of Calibrated I/Q from sparsely occupied spectrum, using a low loss compression algorithm, is scheduled for release as a free firmware software upgrade within 6 months of initial SM200A release.
  • Resolution Bandwidths (RBW): 0.1 Hz (≤200 kHz span) to 10 MHz (any span)
  • Timebase Accuracy: GPS disciplined OCXO with a holdover of ±1.5 x 10-7 per day from -40°C to 65°C

12dB over 400MHz to 2.2GHz and 14dB from 2.2GHz to 6GHz

IP2 +42dBm from 400MHz to 2.2GHz
IP3 +22dBm from 400MHz to 2.2GHz

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