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8807-51 - Hioki Power Recorders

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  • Model: 8807-51
  • Manufactured by: Hioki
  • Instrument Type: Portable
  • Input Channels: 2 (single-phase, two-wire) + 8 logic
  • Operation Modes: Memory recorder, DMM, harmonics wave trigger function, scaling function, wiring/level check, cursor measurement, over-range function
  • Measurements: harmonics, content factor, phase angle, active power, active power content factor, power phase angle, total RMS, total distortion-F, apparent power, reactive power, PF
  • Extra Specifications: Power Memory Recorder

Instantaneous Analysis and Long-term Recording of Harmonic Waves for Maintenance of Commercial Power Systems

  • Measure harmonics up to 40 orders from the fundamental wave
  • Analysis display includes RMS value, content factor, phase angle, active power, and power phase angle for each order of harmonics (numeric and graphic display)
  • Analysis display of total RMS value, total deitortion, active/ reactive/ apparent power, and power factor (numeric display)
  • Bar graph and numeric data display
  • Power phase angle can be displayed as a vector 
  • Connection types: Independent channels, single-phase two-wire
  • Fundamental frequency range: 45 Hz to 65 Hz, Automatic setting or manual setting (0.1 Hz resolution)
  • Number of orders for analysis Fundamental wave to 40th order
  • Analysis frequency band 45 Hz to 2.6 kHz
  • Sampling speed 400 kS/s fixed
  • Number of FFT operations 512 points (sampled during one cycle of the fundamental wave)
  • Harmonic wave trigger function, scaling, wiring and level check, over-range function, tabulated results output, cursor measurement
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