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6636A - Wiltron Sweeper Generators

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  • Model: 6636A
  • Manufactured by: Wiltron
  • Frequency Range Max.: 26.5GHz
  • Max. Output Power: n/a
  • Extra Specifications: Sweep Generator

The 6636A Sweep Generator is a high performance, programmable sweep generator.

  • All front panel controls are accessible via GP-IB (optional).
  • The unit has excellent signal purity, frequency stability and power level accuracy to within 1 dB.
  • Five sweep modes and three built-in markers are available.
  • It can be phaselocked to an external counter for even greater frequency accuracy.
  • Frequency Range: 18GHz to 26.5Ghz,
  • Output level: > 3.1 mW (internally leveled).
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