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ASX-16C/D - Matrix Test Equipment Signal Generators

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  • Model: ASX-16C/D
  • Manufactured by: Matrix Test Equipment
  • Frequency Range Max.: 1.00GHz
  • Freq. Resolution: n/a
  • Output Power: From +57 dBmV max. per channel when combining 32 channels to +46 dBmV max. per channel when combining 160 channels
  • Modulation: n/a
  • Extra Specifications: Multiple Frequency Signal Generator

Model ASX-16C/D is a remote-controlled signal generator with remote frequency trim and base levelling, outstanding noise and distortion characteristics; the remote frequency trim feature has been changed to provide +- 25KHz range.

Options include: NTSC, PALI, PAL B/G, CENELEC in a single unit.

The Model ASX-16C/D is a newer design version of the standard Model ASX-16C. The use of enhanced technology allows greater frequency trim (+/- 25 KHz) while maintaining the excellent noise and distortion performance of the ASX-16C. The Model ASX-16C/D also provides linear monotonic carrier level control over a 15 dB range in 0.025 dB steps. All operations are controlled remotely, using the IEEE-488 (GPIB). An internal frequency counter option is available. This option allows the rapid checking and setting of the carrier frequencies.

The Model ASX-16C/D is software-compatible with the model ASX-16B and the ASX-16C.

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