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1620-A - IET Labs Capacitance Meters

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  • Model: 1620-A
  • Manufactured by: IET Labs
  • Basic Accuracy: 0.001
  • Highest Range: 11 uF
  • Digits: n/a
  • Extra Specifications: Capacitance Bridge

1620-A is a self-contained assembly of the 1615-A Capacitance Bridge with appropriate oscillator and null detectors for measurements at 11 frequencies between 50 Hz and 100 kHz. For other frequencies, the 1615-A can be provided separately and the oscillator and detector selected to suit your needs. The 1620-A is intended for:

  • Accurate and precision measurements of capacitance and dissipation factor
  • Measurement of circuit capacitances
  • Dielectric measurements
  • Intercomparison of capacitance standards differing in magnitude by as much as 1000:1
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