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367A - BK Precision Clamp Meters

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  • Model: 367A
  • Manufactured by: BK Precision
  • Max. ACA Range: 2.0kA
  • Max. ACV Range: 750V
  • Measurements: Resistance, Frequency, Capacitance, ACA, DCA, ACV, DCV, TRMS, Continuity, Diode test
  • Extra Specifications: DC/AC Multifunction True RMS Current Clamp Meter, 2000A
Measure up to 2000A with this reliable, rugged instrument. Many of B+K Precision clamps are much more than a current clamp offering the ability to measure, voltage resistance, capacitance and even frequency. Additionally, special features allow for the recording of minimum and maximum values, peak values, test diodes and for continuity. True RMS Measures up to 2000A AC/DC Measures up to 1000V AC/DC Jaw openings 2.24" Low battery indication
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