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TB200 - Yokogawa Optical Power Meters

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  • Model: TB200
  • Manufactured by: Yokogawa
  • Type: Fiber Optic
  • High end wavelength limit: 850 nm
  • Measurement Units: dB, dBm, Watt
  • Extra Specifications: Optical PowerMeter Mainframe

The TB200 Optical Power Meter supports all blue, red and near infrared wavelength bands.

  • Flat sensitivity characteristics in the 405 nm (blue), 660 nm (red) and 785 nm (near infrared) wavelength bands
  • Sufficient margin provided by 18 mm dia. sized photo-receiving surface even at high NA (0.85) 
  • Influence of multiple reflection alleviated by low-reflectivity sensor surface 
  • High-power measurement up to 100 mW supported 
  • Measurement interval of about 100 msec achieved 
  • Full remote control enabled by standard USB interface
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