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ACV - Laurel Electronics Voltmeters

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  • Model: ACV
  • Manufactured by: Laurel Electronics
  • High end frequency limit: 10.0kHz
  • Voltage Range High: 600 V
  • Voltage Range Low: 200 mV
  • Extra Specifications: True AC rms Meter

The Laureate™ True RMS meter offers a high accuracy 4 1/2 digit display for five voltage ranges and four current ranges. It is suited for AC applications where there is considerable distortion of current waveforms from nonlinear loading. The input is AC coupled to read only the AC component, such as ripple on a power supply.

The True RMS meter uses precision circuitry to compute the root-mean-square of complex waveforms from 10 Hz to 10 kHz. Spikes up to 2.4 times the maximum of each range are accurately measured. This provides a crest factor (Vp / Vrms) of 240 for a signal amplitude of 1% of full scale, decreasing to 2.4 at 100% of full scale.

  • 0.2, 2, 20, 200 & 600 V ranges
  • 2, 20, 200 mA & 5 A ranges
  • 4 1/2 digit resolution
  • 99.9% accuracy of full scale
  • AC coupled input
  • Crest factor of 2.4 at full scale
  • Priced competitively with less capable averaging AC meters
  • Scalable for direct readout of external current shunts or current transformers
  • Peak value display
  • 95-240 Vac ±10% and 95-300 Vdc ±10% power standard
  • Green or red display
  • Choice of isolated plug-in options for control and computer interface:
    dual relays, analog output, serial communications, parallel BCD output, low voltage AC & DC power
  • NEMA 4X, 1/8 DIN case
  • Safety certified to UL 61010C-1 (UL mark)
  • EM certified to EN 61010-1 (CE mark)
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