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2004 - NEWPORT Electronics Voltmeters

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  • Model: 2004
  • Manufactured by: NEWPORT Electronics
  • High end frequency limit: 30.0kHz
  • Voltage Range High: 400 V
  • Voltage Range Low: 40 mV
  • Extra Specifications: 4 1/2 Digit AC AVG/True RMS Voltmeter/Ammeter

Models 2003B and 2004 are high-accuracy AC voltmeters or true-RMS voltmeters. Exceptional noise rejection is provided by a conversion circuit with a crystal oscillator, which is set for either 50 or 50 Hz rejection. Both models are available for voltage or current input and allow special scaling for the output of a 5 A current transformer. A screw-terminal barrier strip for power and signal is standard.

All AVG models use a precision op-amp rectifier circuit to provide an economical, high-resolution AC voltmeter, which is calibrated to display the true-RMS value of sinusoidal signals. All RMS models use an integrated circuit that computes the true-root-mean-square value of complex input signals. Screw terminals are provided for AC or DC coupling. AC coupling allows the measurement of the AC component or ripple from a signal with both AC and DC components. DC coupling allows the measurement of true-RMS, including AC and DC components, from DC to over 30 kHz. Maximum crest factor (Vp/Vrms) is 3:1).

Non-isolated parallel BCD output is a standard feature and is implemented on the main circuit board. Additional data and control outputs can be provided by an optional upper board.

  • Parallel BCD Output
  • Special Scaling for 5 A Current Transformer 
  • 3:1 Crest Factor (RMS) 
  • AC or AC + DC Components (RMS) 
  • 1500 Vp CMV, 120 dB CMR 
  • Bright, 0.56 in. (14.2 mm) LED Display 
  • Screw-terminal Barrier Strip 
  • 1/8 DIN Case
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