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AFM-1500 - Com-Power Power Amplifiers

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  • Model: AFM-1500
  • Manufactured by: Com-Power
  • Extra Specifications: New in box. 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

Com-Power AMF-1500

The AFM-1500 is part of Com-Power's series of broadband RF amplifiers, specifically geared for FM Broadcasting. The AFM-1500 model is a Wideband MOSFET amplifier, engineered to provide excellent operational efficiency and reliability. It has 1500 Watts nominal power output. The AFM-1500 is compatible with BEL (type HVB/HVM 164A, HVM 165A) or GCEL (type 131/136) 2x3 kW /2x5 kW FM Radio Transmitters. The phase and gain of the power amplifiers are matched to use them for high power FM Transmitters, i.e. two amplifiers output can be combined for 3 kW transmitters or four amplifiers for 5 kW transmitters.
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