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1000A100 - AR Worldwide Amplifiers

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  • Model: 1000A100
  • Manufactured by: AR Worldwide
  • Frequency Range - High: 100.00MHz
  • Output - Compression: 1250 W @ P3dB compression
  • Gain: 60.0dB
  • Extra Specifications: RFAmplifier 1100 Watt CW, 10 kHz-100 MHz
The Model 1000A100 is a self-contained, air cooled, broadband, completely solid state amplifier designed for applications where instantaneous bandwidth and high gain are required. Push-pull MOSFET circuitry is utilized in all high power stages in the interest of lowering distortion and improving stability. The Model 1000A100, when used with an RF sweep generator, will provide a minimum of 1000 watts of swept power. Special features incorporated into the Model 1000A100 include a front panel power meter for monitoring forward and reflected power, and a internal/external Automatic Level Control (ALC) sensing capability , with front panel control of the ALC threshold. Further features include pulse input capability, RF output level protection, and an internal RF detector which provides an output for use in self-testing or operational modes.
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