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SMIV-2000 - IFI (Instruments For Industry) Amplifiers

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  • Model: SMIV-2000
  • Manufactured by: IFI (Instruments For Industry)
  • Frequency Range - High: 1.00GHz
  • Output - Compression: n/a
  • Gain: 63.0dB
  • Extra Specifications: Solid state amplifier
Digital Display Monitors: Power Supply Currents, Voltage, Forward RF Power, Reflected RF Power,Total Hours, Operate Hours, Status Indicators: Power On, Standby, Operate, Faults:Overcurrent, VSWR Overload, Thermal Overloads, Power Supply Controls: AC Breaker On/Off, Standby, Operate, Fault Reset, Local/Remote Ease of Maintenance Designed to meet the safety requirements of the IEC-348 and Underwriters Labratory of American Standards Broadband Coverage Applications Include: MIL-STD-461/462, RTCA/DO-160, SAE Specifications, Radiated Susceptibility, Bellcore testing, Broadband Communications Ruggedized Versions are available for Shipboard and Airborne applicationsRack type - D
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