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PQL 120 - AEMC Instruments Power Recorders

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  • Model: PQL 120
  • Manufactured by: AEMC Instruments
  • Instrument Type: Portable
  • Input Channels: 12 data channels
  • Operation Modes: Log, record, report, download, read
  • Measurements: Volts, amps, frequency, power (W, VA, Var, demand, peak demand), harmonics, THD, K-F, PF, displacement PF, surges, sags
  • Extra Specifications: Power Quality Logger

The Model PQL 120 (1MB memory) is a single-phase Power Quality Logger designed to measure and log from a complete suite of electrical and power quality parameters. It is accompanied by an easy-to-use report compliant software package.

The Model PQL 120 is designed for North American commercial, industrial, and residential applications, and is plugged into a standard AC receptacle. In turn, any 120V load, may be plugged into the Power Quality Logger: office equipment, data equipment, machinery, compressors, heaters, motors, etc.

The Model PQL 120 measures, records and stores selected parameters in its 1 MB memory. Along with the standard electrical parameters (V, A, W, Var, PF...), it also stores the Power Quality of the input waveforms (Harmonics, THD, Surge, Sag, K-Factor...). The recorded information is retrieved from a computer via an RS-232 serial link using the report compliant DataView® software package, which provides graphs, data and pre-configured reports.

  • Portable, compact unit - plugs into standard US 120V outlets
  • Simple operation: Plug in, Record, Download, & Read
  • Measures and stores electrical parameters: V, A, Hz & more
  • Measures and stores power parameters: W, VA, Var, Demand, Peak Demand & more
  • Measures and stores power quality parameters: Harmonics, THD (rms & fundamental), K-Factor & more
  • Automatically captures worst-case Surge, Sag & THD waveforms
  • High accuracy & resolution: 128 samples/cycle, 16 bit resolution
  • LEDs indicate mode of operation
  • Records up to 12 data channels
  • Powered from voltage input channel
  • Battery backup data integrity during power outages for up to 1 year
  • Configuration in non-volatile memory
  • Optically isolated RS-232 output for direct connection to a PC
  • EN 61010, 150V Cat. III
  • Includes DataView Analysis & Reporting Software
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