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PL-5003S - Protek Power Supplies DC

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  • Model: PL-5003S
  • Manufactured by: Protek
  • Max. Voltage: 0 - 50V
  • Number of Outputs: 1
  • Max. Current: 0 to 3A
  • Extra Specifications: New. Manufacturer's warranty

Protek PL-5003S

The Protek PL-5003S 50V/3A LCD Display Power Supply, part of the Protek PL-3003/3005 S/D/T Series, is a LCD Display Power Supply. The Protek PL-5003S adopts SMD adhesive sheet element technology. Additionally, the Protek PL5003S provides multi-loop type high precision voltage regulation as well as an automatic conversion of stable voltage and current.
  • Adopts SMD Adhesive sheet element technology
  • Liquid Crystal displayed voltage and current
  • Stable Voltage and current displayed by liquid crystal screen
  • Wanton choice of green, yellow liquid backlight
  • Automatic conversion of stable voltage and current
  • Multi-loop type high precision voltage regulation
  • Progressive current regulation
  • With expansion outlet terminal
  • Voltage 0 - 50V
  • Current 0 to 3A
  • Display 100mV to 1 mA
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