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M3i.4142 - Spectrum Transient Recorders Digitizers

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  • Model: M3i.4142
  • Manufactured by: Spectrum
  • Max Sample Rate: 400MSa/sec
  • Channels: 2
  • Resolution: 14 bits
  • Extra Specifications: 2 Channel 14 Bit Transient Recorder

The 6 models of the M3i.41xx series are designed for fast and high quality data acquisition. Each of the input channels has its own monolithic A/D converter and its own programmable input amplifier. This allows the simultaneous recording of signals on both channels with 14 bit resolution without any phase delay between them. The extremely large on-board memory allows lengthy recording times even at the highest sampling rates. All boards of the M3i.41xx series may use the whole installed on-board memory for the currently activated number of channels. A FIFO mode is also integrated on the board. This permits the continuous acquisition of data for online processing or for data storage to hard disk.

  • 14 bit transient recorder
  • Two channels with 400 MS/s
  • High dynamic range
  • 32 Bit 66 MHz PCI interface
  • Compatible with 32/64 bit PCI and PCI-X
  • Compatible with 3.3V and 5V PCI I/O voltage
  • Max data transfer 245 MByte/s
  • Up to 2 GSample memory
  • 6 input ranges between ±100 mV and ±5 V
  • 50 Ohm/1 MOhm, AC/DC, bandwidth filter software selectable
  • Automatic on-board calibration
  • Ring buffer and FIFO modes
  • Wide variety of trigger modes
  • Two universal multi-purpose I/O lines
  • Multiple recording option
  • Timestamp options
  • Star-Hub option for synchronizing up to eight boards in one system
  • Precise external reference clock option
  • Digital input option 
  • Synchronisation to multi-board system possible
  • Easy-to-use graphics software with support under Windows and Linux 
  • PCI Express models available
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