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WW5061 - Tabor Electronics Arbitrary Waveform Generators

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  • Model: WW5061
  • Manufactured by: Tabor Electronics
  • Sampling Rate: 50.00MSa/sec
  • Channels: 1
  • Record Length: 1 Meg points (with option)
  • Output Voltage Range: 20mV to 20p-p (into open circuit)
  • Extra Specifications: Single-Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Model 5061 represents the next generation of products for the company in the field of function, pulse, and arbitrary waveform generators. These instruments are superior and far more versatile than any existing equivalent analog or digital product. As a waveform source, this model can replace analog generators in almost every application. The instrument combines high-frequency performance, versatility, and compact size, in a boxed format. Featuring signal output in the range of 1mHz to 25MHz, 14-bit vertical DAC resolution, and up to 1M arbitrary waveform buffer, these instruments exhibit performance and provide solutions to the most demanding test stimulus challenges.

  • Special promotion starting from $1995 till June 30, 2006
  • Single-channel 50MS/s waveform generator
  • Sine and Square waves to 25MHz
  • 10 Built-in popular standard waveforms
  • 14 Bit amplitude resolution
  • 12 digits frequency resolution (limited by 1µHz)
  • 512k standard waveform memory (1M option)
  • 1 ppm clock accuracy and stability
  • Comprehensive memory management, including segmentation and sequences
  • AM, FM, Arbitrary FM, FSK, Ramped FSK modulation
  • Linear and Logarithmic Sweep
  • User friendly and menu driven 3.5 inch color LCD display
  • Multi-Instrument synchronization
  • DDS technology for extremely low phase noise signals
  • Ethernet 10/100, USB 2.0, and GPIB interfaces
  • ArbConnection software for easy waveform creation & control
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