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BA1000 - SyntheSys Research Bit Error Rate Testers

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  • Model: BA1000
  • Manufactured by: SyntheSys Research
  • Max. Data Rate: 1.00Gbps
  • Max. Clock Rate: n/a
  • Pattern Depth: 4 Mbits
  • Extra Specifications: Bit Error Analyzer
The BA1000 is designed to assist communications systems designers to quickly characterize the error performance of up to 1 Gb/s channels, displays error correlations, provides real-time error logging, and handles serial, 8-bit and 16-bit data interfaces. The BA1000 utilizes our patented BitAlyzer® technology to locate and analyze errors in digital channels and go beyond bit error rate to provide a complete diagnostic solution. The BA1000 includes a pseudo-random (or user-defined) pattern generator, an optional internal clock synthesizer, and a patented error location analysis™ error logging receiver. Features: 1000 Mbit/sec Bit Error Rate Analysis Serial, 8-bit and 16-bit Data Interfaces BitAlyzer® Error Location Analysis™ Complete Data Generator, Analyzer, and Clock Source Real-Time Error Location Logging of 2.5 Billion Errors Live or Offline Error Analysis 4-Mbit User Pattern Memory
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