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KAA2040 - AR Worldwide Amplifiers

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  • Model: KAA2040
  • Manufactured by: AR Worldwide
  • Frequency Range - High: 100.00MHz
  • Output - Compression: 200 W
  • Gain: 53.0dB
  • Extra Specifications: RF power Amplifier 0.5-100MHz 200 Watts
The Model KAA2040 is a Class AB wideband RF power amplifier delivering in excess of 200 Watts CW power into a 50-Ohm load over the frequency range of 500 kHz to 100 MHz. Power gain is a minimum of 53 dB. GPIB control requires the optional IEEE488.2/RS232 Interface Controller Module. The system features forward and reflected power indication on a front panel-mounted, analog meter; Automatic Level Control (ALC); RF gain control; overdrive protection; full VSWR protection; input blanking, and over-temperature protection. On the basic model these features, plus remote power on/off control, are accessible for hard-wire remote operation through a 25-pin, subminiature connector.
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