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AQ2200-601 - Yokogawa Bit Error Rate Testers

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  • Model: AQ2200-601
  • Manufactured by: Yokogawa
  • Max. Data Rate: 11.32Gbps
  • Max. Clock Rate: 11.32 GHz
  • Pattern Depth: 64 Mbit
  • Extra Specifications: Modular BERT

The Yokogawa AQ2200-601 10 Gbit/s Modular BERT is a compact and powerful. It offers high quality features such as built-in internal Signal Generator (SG) and Clock Data Recovery (CDR), EO/OE interfaces, and several variable signal output functions. The AQ2200 series MultiApplication Test System is designed for universal purposes; therefore various modules for various applications can be accommodated. (i.e. Optical Power Meter, Light Source and Optical Attenuator modules). 

  • PPG, ED and SG integrated design 
  • Handles multiple bit rates (9.95 Gbit/s to 11.32 Gbit/s)
  • Adjust output amplitude, offset and crosspoint 
  • Clock and Data Recovery (CDR) function included 
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Combine with other optical modules to create a variety of tests 
  • Combine with an optical modulator, receiver, and attenuator to measure error rate curves
  • 64 Mbit long program pattern generation capability
  • Output level range: 0.5 to 2.0 Vp-p 
  • Offset range: -2.0 V to +3.0 V 
  • Cross-point adjustment range: 30 to 70% 
  • Input threshold level adjustment
  • Optional modulator and receiver
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