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3100 - Global Specialties Capacitance Meters

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  • Model: 3100
  • Manufactured by: Global Specialties
  • Basic Accuracy: 0.005
  • Highest Range: 50 mF
  • Digits: 4
  • Extra Specifications: Capacitance Sorting Hand-Held Meter

Model 3100 Capacitance Sorting Hand-Held Meter

  • Large 4 digit LCD display
  • Dual display mode one 4 digit and the other 3 digit
  • Auto-ranging, 5000 count resolution and wide frequency range: 0.1pF to 50mF
  • Ten memories for high/low limit settings even if power is shut off
  • Static recording so you will know max, average and min value without calculation
  • Relative mode for simple measuring differences between standard and measuring values
  • 10 special function modes
  • Measures components in-circuit
  • Optional RS232 computer interface and leather carrying case
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