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LH1060 - Fluke Clamp Meters

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  • Model: LH1060
  • Manufactured by: Fluke
  • Max. ACA Range: 1.0kA
  • Max. ACV Range: 600V
  • Measurements: ACV, DCV, Frequency, ACA, DCA, TRMS, Power, Ripple, Crest factor, DF
  • Extra Specifications: Power Clamp Meter

The LH1050/1060 Power Clamp Meters are essential tools for power measurement and diagnostics on switching loads such as drives and high efficiency lighting. They combine the functionality of a current clamp and a power and harmonics meter in a single handheld instrument that has been designed for safety and ease of use.

The range of measurements offered by the LH1060 is suitable for:

  • Installing and testing of ac and dc power systems
  • Measurement of harmonics voltage and current on industrial systems
  • Power and energy optimization
  • Wide range of measuring tasks possible with V, A, Hz, W, VAR, VA and PF in one easy to use clamp
  • True rms ensures accurate measurement of ac+dc and distorted signals
  • Clear presentation of results with bargraph for dual display of V/Hz, A/Hz and PF/W
  • Flexible applications with three phase power capability for balanced loads
  • Easy data evaluation with ‘Smart Hold’ saving up to 7 parameters
  • Capture trends with record mode storing Min Max and Average values
  • Check inrush characteristics with measurement of Peak voltage and current values
  • Harmonic trouble shooting with measurement of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), Distortion Factor (DF) and Crest Factor (CF)
  • Monitor the effects of loads with dc Ripple measurement
  • EL Backlight visible in varying light levels
  • Two Year Warranty
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