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1211 - DL Instruments Current Amplifiers

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  • Model: 1211
  • Manufactured by: DL Instruments
  • Bandwidth: 100.00kHz
  • Gain [V/A]: 10^11
  • Input Noise: 1.5 x 10^-15 Arms Hz^1/2
  • Extra Specifications: Current Preamplifier

The Model 1211 Current Preamplifier was designed to provide all of the features required of a modern laboratory preamplifier. It measures currents with full scale sensitivity ranging from 10-2 to 10-12 amperes. With a dynamic range of 96 dB and an output stability better than 0.003% per degrees C or per day, plus a gain stability of 0.05% per degrees C or per day, its performance is hard to match.

The classic analog design provides a clean signal without the high frequency "hash" encountered with microprocessor-based designs employing multiplexed front panel displays.

  • 600 ohm, 50 ohm, and zero ohm unity gain (converter) outputs
  • 0-5 adjustable detector bias supply
  • 100 ppm per degree C stability
  • Calibrated current suppresssion of 10-3 to 10-10 amperes in 8 ranges
  • Optional battery pack
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