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428-PROG - Keithley Current Amplifiers

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  • Model: 428-PROG
  • Manufactured by: Keithley
  • Bandwidth: 175.00kHz
  • Gain [V/A]: 10^11
  • Input Noise: 1.2fA rms
  • Extra Specifications: Programmable Current Amplifier

The Model 428-PROG Programmable Current Amplifier converts fast, small currents to a voltage, which can be easily digitized or displayed by an oscilloscope, waveform analyzer, or data acquisition system. It uses a sophisticated "feedback current" circuit to achieve both fast rise times and sub-picoamp noise. The gain of the Model 428-PROG is adjustable in decade increments from 103V/A to 1011V/A, with selectable rise times from 2µs to 300ms.

  • 2µs rise time
  • 1.2fA rms noise
  • Up to 1011 V/A gain
  • IEEE-488 interface
  • Fast response at low current levels
  • Incorporates a second-order Bessel-function filter that minimizes noise without increasing rise time on high-gain ranges
  • Can be connected to an oscilloscope or waveform digitizer to display very low currents in real time
  • Simple front panel operation with LED indicators, and selectable display intensities
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