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TIF200 - Amprobe Digital Multimeters

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  • Model: TIF200
  • Manufactured by: Amprobe
  • Vdc High Range: 1.0kV
  • Digits: 3.5
  • Measurements: DCV, ACV, Resistance, Diode, DCA
  • Extra Specifications: Digital Multimeter

The TIF200 is a handheld digital multimeter with seven voltage ranges, five DC current ranges, and six resistance ranges with a special scale for testing diodes. The unit has a high input impedance for use in solid state circuits. The liquid crystal display has indications for polarity, low battery, and over-range.


  • Large 3.5 digit LCD display with indications for polarity, over-range, and low battery
  • Rotary function/range switch
  • Common input sucket
  • Input sockets for volt/ohm, low current, and high current
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