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DS-8814 - Iwatsu Digital Oscilloscopes

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  • Model: DS-8814
  • Manufactured by: Iwatsu
  • Bandwidth: 100.0MHz
  • Channels: 4
  • Sample Rate: 400.00MSa/sec
  • Extra Specifications: Digital Storage Oscilloscope 4ch 100MHz 400MS/s
Reliable basic performance Even ultra lightweight, compact design, DS-8814/DS-8812 has reliable basic performance. 4CH model DS-8814 operates at 400MS/s sampling rate with 100MHz frequency bandwidth. 2CH model DS-8812 has 500MS/s sampling rate. Each model has long 100k-word/CH acquisition memory. Vertical accuracy is within 2% and horizontal accuracy is 50ppm (0.005%). 10GS/s equivalent sampling (DS-8812, 25GS/s) Using the equivalent sampling method, the time resolution is increased up to 100ps (equivalent to 10GS/s, 40ps/25GS/s : DS-8812). Waveforms before trig-gering can be observed. Convenient original functions Hardware 5-digit frequency counter
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